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Robert Sanchez

General Manager

Robert Sanchez started his career at The Palm San Antonio in 2009. He quickly moved up through the ranks there to become Sales Manager, before he was then promoted to the Sales Manager of two New York Palm restaurants. His experience at The Palm West Side in the Theatre district and The Palm’s iconic Palm Too location primed him to make his return to Texas as the General Manager of The Palm San Antonio in 2018. Serving as Sales Manager at The Palm West Side gave Robert a dose of Broadway, while his time at The Palm Too grounded him in the restaurant’s roots on the East Side of Manhattan. “Having been in the service industry for 14 years, in two very different cities, you learn and see a lot. I’m happy to be home with my family and dearest friends, where my career began,” says Robert of his return to Texas. “New York may be the center of the world, but no city has as much heart as San Antonio.”

Alejandro Zapien

Executive Chef

Joined The Palm Family 2003

Alvaro Estrada

Joined The Palm Family 2003