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Leslie Barkley

General Manager

Leslie Barkley, who joined The Palm in 2016, says that “It feels like I’ve been at The Palm longer, because of the warm welcome I received. It’s as if I’ve known everyone here all my life.” Aware of The Palm’s exemplary reputation, she jumped at the chance to become General Manager. Leslie moved her family to Texas from the East Coast and has never looked back. Leslie appreciates the generous mentoring of other Palm General Managers, who introduced her to The Palm’s family atmosphere and showed her “how to make every day a great day.” She finds inspiration just “standing in the dining room listening to conversations, laughter, fun, and feeling a sense of pride at providing the legendary Palm hospitality.”

Lauren Liermann

Sales Manager

Regino Villegas

Joined The Palm Family 1978

Dario Ahumada

Joined The Palm Family 1981

Tino Arroyo

Joined The Palm Family 1982

Hector Ortiz (left)

Joined The Palm Family 1984

Julio Morales

Joined The Palm Family 1999