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Great people who know how to make every guest feel at home are the difference between a restaurant and an enduring tradition. Learn more about the familiar faces that bring your Palm to life.

Andrei Caciula

General Manager

Andrei Caciula started as a Server Assistant at The Palm Atlanta in 2004. An avid hiker, this Brookhaven resident also likes to garden and spend his days off with his wife and young daughter. As he rose through the ranks at The Palm, he discovered a passion for hospitality by learning from the best. “I was lucky to have the opportunity to learn from the late, legendary General Manager, Willy Cellucci. Every Palm nationwide serves the “Pinky” cocktail that Mr. Celucci created here in Atlanta.” Andrei also cites his father – who was a winemaker – as a wonderful mentor, and lives by his Dad’s motto: "Doing your job will only get you paid. Consistently doing a little extra is what defines you and who you'll be in your life.” Andrei and his amazing staff, some whom have been with The Palm 25 or more years, have a passion for welcoming their family of sports figures, business executives, entertainers and loyal locals. Andrei is also part of the team that oversees The Palm’s food and beverage training that sets the tone and standards for new staff. Andrei and his team at The Palm Atlanta take an active role in the community, hosting events for players in the FedEx PGA Cup and raising funds for Make-a-Wish, the T.J. Martell Foundation, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, the Atlanta Zoo and Sunshine on a Ranney Day.

Chris Cannizzaro

Executive Chef

Joined The Palm Family 1994

Antonio "Papi" Cortez

Joined The Palm Family 1998

Jimmy Logan

Joined The Palm Family 1993

Mandy Dupree

Joined The Palm Family 2005


Joined The Palm Family 2003