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  • Press Room Archive : January 2018

    Made Man - February 7, 2012

    Our very own Bruce Bozzi Jr. is sharing his wealth of steak knowledge as part of a series for Made Man. Check out his first column, a seven-tip primer on how to achieve a Perfect New York Strip (his personal favorite). Read more >

    Boardwalk Journal - February 2012

    Go behind the scenes of Atlantic City's #1 Steakhouse and learn more about Palm General Manager Paul Sandler. Read more >

    Food Republic - February 2012

    After celebrating its 85th year and completing a brand “refresh” campaign, the PR team at The Palm invited me to come on down for a tasting to confirm that it’s not some stodgy, old steakhouse. Part of that means that the food they now serve is not just meat and potatoes: they’ve got a menu that can appeal to unconventional-eating under-50-year-olds, such as myself. Read more >

    GOTHAM - February 2012

    Quality and simplicity are the keys to a good martini, and when it is done perfectly, New Yorkers show their appreciation. “In terms of cocktails at our bar, I would say it’s a 60-40 split of martinis to everything else,” says Pasquale Trunzo, beverage director for The Palm on West 50th Street. “We are known for the generous pours of our martinis, and in a nutshell, that’s what The Palm is all about: generosity, opulence, and a nice martini in your hand, in a place to see and be seen.” Read more >

    Made Man - February 17, 2012

    "Tell friends you’re making steak and they will cheer. Mention filet mignon and it will barely be out of your mouth before they’re hightailing it to your place." Words of wisdom from our own Bruce Bozzi, Jr. in his latest column on how to perfectly execute this classy cut. Read more >

    Made Man - February 28, 2012

    "Rib eye doesn’t just have a manly name—it’s also got a taste so spectacular it’ll knock your socks off. Not to mention the socks of whoever is lucky enough to be joining you for a meaty feast with it as the centerpiece." Our own Bruce Bozzi, Jr. is back with his latest column on how to Rock the Rib Eye. Read more >

    Celebrity Sightings - February 2012

    See who was spotted at the Palm in Feb 2012! Read more >