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Jeff Kops

General Manager

Jeff Kops joined The Palm in 2013 in Washington, DC, where he served as Assistant General Manager before being promoted to General Manager of The Palm Dallas. A self-described foodie and an avid amateur chef in his own right, Jeff credits his mother and grandmother as his culinary mentors and plans all his vacations around extraordinary dining experiences. Now as General Manager of The Palm Beverly Hills, he spends weekends hiking in nearby canyons and enjoying LA’s great weather and sports, though he remains a steadfast Yankee and Giants fan. Jeff appreciates his seasoned staff who shares his passion for The Palm and has a unique talent for keeping the regulars satisfied and welcoming new guests with The Palm’s legendary warmth and hospitality. “The best days are when I feel like I’m throwing a party in my own home.” he says. Celebrities show up with paparazzi in tow, but Jeff embodies The Palm ethos that everyone is a star when they walk through the door. The Palm Beverly Hills partners with the Kids Wish Network, hosting kids and their families who are thrilled to catch movie stars in their midst.

Alex Concepcion

Assistant General Manager

Pedro Inoscencio

Executive Chef

Joined The Palm Family 2003

Felipe Mora

Joined The Palm Family 1980

Gilberto Vera

Joined The Palm Family 1986

Pasquale Ciccone "Pat"

Joined The Palm Family 1988

Severino Vite

Joined The Palm Family 1998

Courtney Eeles

Joined The Palm Family 2005

Eduardo Antonio "Eddie"

Joined The Palm Family 2007

Jerry O'Donnell

Joined The Palm Family 2007