Dinner Theater Series at The Palm Atlantic City

Join us at The Palm Atlantic City for our entertaining (and delicious) Dinner Theater Series.  Check back regularly for show updates or view our schedule below.

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Deadly Housewives

Sunday, July 12 at 6:00pm

Clean the house, clean your car, clean your...gun?  That's right, all is no longer perfect on Hysteria Lane as the housewives - Summer, Chastity and Janet - discover their neighbor has been murdered in her own basement.  These housewives are in need of so much help, they're practically desperate!  They are going to need more than the police to uncover thisy mystery - they're going to need YOU!  They may even discover an audience member who looks just like Mary Ruth, and use her to contact their deceased friend from beyond the grave.  Never underestimate a housewife, she may be deadly!


Where There Is No Will...

Monday, July 20 and Sunday, August 2 at 6:00pm

Why are Guy Fortunato, his son Cabrino Fortunato, and his daughter-in-law Alice, so anxious to reside in the Bellevue hotel?  Their distant cousin John Whacker, the former owner, died without leaving a will.  No one should contest the right of the Fortunatos to occcupy and restore the hotel as they see fit.  NO ONE? So who are the suspicious characters lurking around night and day, rummaging through the belongings of the deceased?  His house companion, the Vaudeville performer, Mimi?  The artistic director, Edwin Spark?  The great vocalist, Bella VAne?  The Canadian tourist, Mrs. Castel? Sharper your pencil and be prepared to answer the questionnaire.  You may want to ask Dr. Quackenbush for help.


Murder at The Malt Shop

Sunday, August 23 at 6:00pm

Join your favorite characters at Rhydem High as Denny, Candy, Roxy and the rest of the gang gear up for the big car race!  Will YOU be one of the lucky audience members to race against Denny? Or will you show off your moves with the cast as they hand-jive and solve the mystery as one of their own beause GREASED?!


Price for shows and meal is $79 per person. Prices do not include beverage, tax or service charge. Valid only at The Palm Atlantic City. Reservation must be booked by the Sales Manager. No substitutions. Call 609.344.0483 for more information.


2015 Dinner Theater Series Schedule

July 12 - Deadly Housewives

July 20 & August 2 - Where There Is No Will...

August 23 - Murder at the Malt Shop