Dinner Theater Series at The Palm Atlantic City

Join us at The Palm Atlantic City for our entertaining (and delicious) Dinner Theater Series.  Check back regularly for show updates or view our schedule below.

$85 per person includes Three-Course Dinner & Show

Monday, July 25 at 6pm - "Golden Girls"

Thank you for being a friend!  Especially a Golden Girl friend!  Your favorite ladies from the '80s are throwing a holiday party, and you're invited.  Sophia, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy have worked long and hard to throw the perfect celebration, but will they still be celebrating when they discover that their party guest, Arthur, has not only been two-timing them, but three-timing them?!  The women uncover a deadly love triangle, and they are not at all pleased!  While Sophia and Rose attempt to lighten the mood with their favorite holiday tunes, someone's attempting to lighten the mood with a BANG! Who could the killer be? Cast your vote.  Perhaps YOU can solve this Golden Girls Mystery!

Sunday, August 14 at 6pm - "Cheers.... to Murder"

It's a sad day for Sam, Diane, Carla and Cliff - their long time friend Norm, has passed away, and they have all gathered for the wake.  It seems Norm has died at this very bar, and the circumstances surrounding his demise are more than questionable.  Join us for Norm's wake, but beware - as accusations fly, tempers will get heated, pasts will be dug up, and someone - maybe even you - could be the next victim as we say "Cheers... to Murder!"


Sunday, August 28 at 6pm - "Murder at Moulin Rouge"

Ever since the Moulin Rouge opened down the street, the Moulin Bleu has seen nothing but a decline in business.  The can-can dances are leaving in droves, they can't get bohemian painters through the door with promises of free drinks, and even the half decent mimes won't work for the Bleu.

The owners of the club, Monsieur and Mademoiselle Ennui, are desperate to find a solution to their problem, but the business simply doesn't have the collateral to merit a loan.  When they do come up with a plan, it is more than a little disreputable and the repercussions could be deadly!

Reserve your seat today by contacting Barbara Bermel
bbermel@thepalm.com or 609.344.0483


* $85 per person includes three-course dinner and show.  Price does not include beverage, tax or gratuity. Reservations must be made in advance with the Sales Manager.


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